Everybody Needs A Star

My darling Dad was from Quincy, MA, and despite moving to Washington DC at age 22, right after WWII, he ???????????????????????????????retained his strong and wonderful Boston accent his whole life.  As children, we thought the vehicle in our driveway was a “cah”, and that at night we took our “bahth”.  Every day, Dad would come home from work and ask all of us, “Did you get any stahs today?”  Nothing made him prouder than school papers with a shiny star stuck to the top, with a “Good job!” or a “Nice work!” from a teacher.  I think of this every time I make a Starkler, and every time I ship one out: I know it’s going to make someone smile.  You can order a single Starkler packed up with a tiny notecard from you, or you can buy them by the box.  To celebrate or to feel better or to “just because”, at one time or another, everybody needs a star.  www.scarffish.com


Why is it called a Scarffish?  It’s simple, really:  my son, who was about 11 at the time (he’s now 21), found me Circa 1953 JPknitting (again) and asked what I was doing.  “I’m attaching some crocheted starfish to an old scarf,” I said.  “I have no idea what it’s going to look like.”  He looked at the scarf, and said, “Oh. It’s a scarf. With starfish.  It’s a scarffish.”  We just looked at each other.  Simple.

Scarffish Color Commentary: Downtown Durham Cottage

What’s your favorite color?  Mine has always been pink, although there was that period from about 13-18 when I Downtown Durham Cottage JPpainted huge purple and black stripes on my bedroom walls.  I loved it.  My parents, not so much.  I never know what’s going to prompt a particular color combination for a Scarffish or a Moby.  One day, about three months ago, I was driving from Chapel Hill to my favorite paper store, Not Just Paper, in downtown Durham.  Rounding a bend on the road into town, I saw a perfect looking, tiny brick house.  It looked like the painters had just finished, it was so fresh-looking.  Slate gray brick with ice-white trim on the windows and edges, and then, as I passed it, there they were on the front porch: two fabulous, bright, lime green Adirondack chairs.  It was instant inspiration, and my next stop after the paper store was to the yarn store for grey, lime green and white yarn.  And here it is:  the “Downtown Durham Cottage” Scarffish, inspired by real life.  If you’re the owner of this house, contact me, and I’ll send you a Scarffish to match your beautiful home.

Welcome to the New Improved Scarffish Site!

Happy new year!  And we are starting the year off with a new design for Scarffish, along with a new scarf:  we now have a fabulous infinity scarf, called the Moby.  Scarffish, Starklers and the Moby (more on Moby later) are all available on Etsy and ready to ship.