About Scarffish

Scarffish is the home of the Original Scarffish, Starklers and the Moby Infinity Scarf.  Read on about the beautiful things we make…

Scarffish, the Scarf with the Starfish, is a five-foot+ knitted scarf with fabulous crocheted fringe,Cloudy With A Chance of Pink JP MS and hand-crocheted starfish.  You can order from our selection of colors or choose your own color combination at no extra charge.  Makes a great gift in school colors, national colors, or favorite colors.  AND your Scarffish gets longer with wear!  US shipping is always free.  What are you waiting for?

The Moby is a thick, double-strand infinity scarf that wraps you up in warmth Moby Red 1and softness.  Moby can be worn once around, or doubled up on a cold day.  Our original Moby is whale-grey and white, with your choice of starfish colors.  Or you can choose one or two yarn colors for the body, and then choose a contrasting starfish color.  Either way, your Moby is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous. $79.

Starklers are fabulous sparkly starfish that come either singly, each one Garlands Hangingdangling from a silver cord, or as Starkler Garlands, seven-foot strands of 15 Starklers.  Single Starklers are great for gifts, party favors, Christmas trees, beach house decorations, window displays, children’s mobiles, door wreaths:  you name it.  Buy them by the box: a baker’s half-dozen: $48; a baker’s dozen: $96.   Starkler Garlands are seven-foot+ strands of 15 sparkly Starklers in the color(s) of your choice to hang in a window, drape over a mantel, decorate a child’s room:  the possibilities are endless.  OMG: Christmas trees!  $55.  There comes a time in every person’s life when the only thing that will do is a boxful of stars!    Mother and Baby J

New Mom and Baby Scarffish Set: what could be better for a new mom and her beautiful baby than a matching Scarffish and KidsCap?  Soft, washable and available in just about any color combination.  Comes packaged and ready to gift, and includes a Starkler to hang in baby’s window!  $95.

New in 2016: Scarffish KidsCaps!  Amazingly colorful caps for kids.  Starfish inside and out, so pulled down over cold ears or edge flipped up, your darling is covered in stars.  $39.


Also new in 2016:  the Scarffish Blanket for Baby: soft and cuddly, and available in any color combination.  These are always custom made, so give us plenty of time when you place your order.  $225

OS Baby Blanket with Koala





And US shipping is always free at Scarffish!  (Email us for overseas shipping rates.)  At Scarffish, we have a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy:  if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  Just send us back your order (you pay that shipping), and we’ll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.  Email me with any questions or comments you have, and I promise I will respond asap.

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Maureen Dolan Rosen, mrosen@scarffish.com