1. What if the Scarffish or Moby I want to order is listed as "sold out"?  Not to worry: send me an email and I will create a pre-order just for you to purchase the scarf, and will have it shipped to you within ten business days.

2. Care and Feeding of Your Scarffish or Moby:  all of my scarves are made from super-soft acrylic yarn, and may be thrown into your washer and dryer.  Colors do not fade and, in fact, the scarves tend to get softer and a bit longer with wearing and washing.  Keep them away from Velcro, as it tends to pull bits of yarn out from the scarf.

2. Shipping: at Scarffish, U.S. shipping/handling is always free, and done via the US Postal Service.  (If you need faster delivery, email me, and I will give you an estimate on the additional charge for faster shipping.) I will gladly ship to locations outside the US:  please email me to find out an estimate of shipping costs.

3.    Sales Tax: the current sales tax rate will be applied to all scarves order from or sent to locations in North Carolina.

4. Scarf Availability:  I keep a somewhat random inventory of “ready to ship” scarves, and if you place an order for one that is in stock, I will ship it immediately  If it’s not in stock, I will make it and ship it within ten (10) business days.

5.    Custom Orders: if you don’t see your preferred color combination and/or have particular colors you would like (college colors, national colors, whatever) email me and we can discuss.  There is no extra charge for custom colors.  As for custom “others” (like putting something on a scarf besides starfish) I do not do letters or numbers, and will only create a custom design if I can do one that satisfies me.  Email me if you would like to discuss.  

6. Customer Service: I have only one policy on my customer service.  If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, I am totally miserable.  So let me know how your Scarffish experience goes, and I will do my best to fix any problem.  And I would welcome any positive reviews of Scarffish!    If for some reason you wish to return your scarf, I will refund you and ask no questions, but you will pay the return shipping fee.

7. A Word About Our Packaging:  you'll receive your Scarffish or Moby in a cardboard box, tied with cotton string and wrapped in Kraft paper.   Your scarf will be wrapped in white tissue.  Your accompanying Starkler (that's free!) is sealed inside a tiny plastic bag.  With the exception of the tissue, all of these materials are recyclable.  (In addition, our marketing materials - business cards and our hand-colored postcards - are all made from shirt cardboard and colored with pencils:  totally recyclable.)  

Remember:  it's not just a scarf:  it's a Scarffish.

Maureen Dolan Rosen, Scarffish



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