"There comes a time in every person’s life when the only thing that will do is a boxful of stars." 

          Scarffish kind of began in 2004 when I taught myself, by trial and error, how to crochet a starfish.  I made starfish afghans for our sunroom, and for each of my children, crocheting dozens of small oblongs of white yarn, and stitching crocheted starfish in brilliant colors on both sides, connecting them with a simple stitch, and finishing with a contrasting color edge.  Then one day in 2008 my then-14 year old son saw me stitching some crocheted starfish onto an old knitted scarf, and asked me what I was doing.  "Oh, he said, “Oh, it’s a scarf. With starfish. It’s a scarffish.”  Well, what could I possibly do?

          Everything at Scarffish is made completely by hand in Chapel Hill, NC, stitch by colorful stitch, and each one is named for a North Carolina Town. I make two types of scarves:

Scarffish is a four-foot+ long straight scarf adorned with crocheted starfish and edged with a crazy cute fringe. That's Carolina Beach Scarffish: beautiful sky blue with sparkly white starfish.

Carolina Beach Sky Snake Small.jpg

Moby is a double-strand Mobius infinity scarf long enough to wrap around your neck twice.

This is Nags Head Moby, mango orange with deep aqua starfish.

Dreamsicle Moby Infinity Scarf

Dreamsicle Moby Infinity Scarf

And in May 2019 I am delighted to announce the addition

of CounterPanes, the custom-made Beautiful Baby Blanket from Scarffish, available in three sizes, and you choose the colors.

CounterPanes, the Beautiful Baby Blanket

CounterPanes, the Beautiful Baby Blanket

Every scarf body is hand-knitted, then adorned with double-sided hand-crocheted starfish. Each is made one at a time, in an amazing array of gorgeous colors (custom colors, too: no extra charge), tied with a hand-lettered tag that includes its date of completion, color name and sequence in production. I use ridiculously soft acrylic yarn, so not only are my scarves colorful and super-soft, they’re completely safe in your washer and dryer. And tucked inside each Moby and Scarffish package is a tiny surprise:  one of my handmade Starklers, a sparkly starfish to hang in a sunny window, pictured below.


          US shipping is always free at Scarffish. (If you want your order shipped outside the US, send me an email and I will provide you an estimate of shipping costs.) 

         If the item you want is marked as “Sold Out”, do not worry! That just means I do not have it ready to ship, but can usually do so within two weeks. I maintain a somewhat random inventory of scarves: if I have the one you want, I will ship it immediately.  If you're in a hurry for a particular Scarffish or Moby, send me an email and I will let you know if I have it ready to ship.  Hope you find something you like.  And if you don’t see your favorite color combo, email me at mrosen@scarffish.com, and together we'll figure it out.

          A little about me:  I am a writer by day, and my grandmother taught me to knit when I was five years old. She gave me a small basket then in which to keep my little projects: I still use it now to hold the NC seashells I collect to tie onto every scarf.  I love making these scarves and blankets, and more than that, I love the responses I get from my customers when they receive them. 

Remember: it's not just a scarf:  it's a Scarffish!

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